This project was originally presented back in 2007 as a series of blog entries on the now defunct website. It was a start to finish exploration of radio design which culminated in a QRP transceiver kit sold through the website. The transceiver is a conventional dual conversion superhet design based on the popular SA610 mixer. It utilized a varactor controlled LO and four pole crystal filter for single signal reception. An open source Arduino controller with a 16x2 LCD ran the radio and included a built in Morse decoder. A custom metal enclosure really made it look nice. We sold about 100 of them and it was a reasonably successful project. For old time sake, a consolidated pdf of the design blog is presented here:

openQRP Blog

I recently respun the PC board (Rev E+) to incorporate some fixes and improvements. I still have a large number of parts left over and I will be offering a few more transceiver kits for those that really want to experience what it is like to solder components on a PC board and learn about radio design.

The project links and blog will continue to be posted for folks to read and get ideas from.

Keep in mind that all the IP here on this site is released under Creative Commons Licensing.


Steve K1EL
Block Diagram
Schematics (Rev D)
Schematics (Rev E+)
Parts List (Rev D)
Parts List (Rev E+)
Assembly Guide (Rev D)
Assembly Guide (Rev E+)

Project Links
Arduino Firmware Tools
gerbv Open Source Gerber Viewer
LTspice Simulator
PCB Layout Tool
Schematic Capture Tool
Toroid Design Calculator

Design Files
Schematics in TinyCad (Rev D)
Schematics in TinyCad (Rev E+)
PC Layout in Free PCB (Rev D)
PC Layout in Free PCB (Rev E+)
Gerber Files RevD
Gerber Files RevE+

Note: FreePCB has been updated to version 2 which can be found on GitHub.  It will take some work to get it to work with these freePcb files. For that reason I have posted the Gerber files for both versions so the board layout can be viewd with a GerberViewer.

OpenQRP QRP Transceiver $99

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